We specialize in the safest bunion removal surgery with the fastest recovery possible. Our bunion surgeons are all board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. Through our efforts, top professional athletes, Tony Award Winning Broadway dancers, and everyday warriors throughout the New York Tri-state area (and the world) are seeking customized  bunion removal treatment surgery at our practice.

  • Our bunion surgery patients experience the safest, shortest, and least painful bunion surgery recovery possible
  • Our bunion surgery specialists are trained in all 44 possible variations of bunion removal surgery

Please note: We accept most insurance for bunion removal. If we do not participate with your insurance plan, our medical practice is frequently able to obtain pre-authorization from your insurance plan based on the uniqueness of our doctor’s specialty.

We understand that most people are concerned about the way their feet look after bunion surgery and the amount of time to recover from surgery. We are pleased to inform you that we offer minimally invasive bunion surgery techniques (to minimize any post surgical scars and to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible).

I’ve been shopping around to find the right bunion surgeon for me. From consult to appointment, to staff, to pricing and establishing confidence I selected Dr. Stuart Mogul as my bunion removal surgeon. I love my results. ~ ZocDoc

Your bunion removal surgery will be customized to your specific condition and lifestyle. Our surgeon’s expertise and experience enables your doctor to pick the absolute best type of surgery for you.

  • In most cases bunion surgery scars are imperceptible due to minimally invasive techniques
  • Your surgery will be performed at our Tier-1 medical facility
  • Our patients experience the safest, shortest, and least painful bunion surgery recovery possible
  • Most patients can immediately place weight on their foot after bunion surgery
  • 2nd opinions are offered
  • Pain control is an essential component in our doctor’s approach – although most patients report little or no need for any pain medications including pain killers

Bunions are the result of ongoing bone deformities of the foot that frequently cause pain, inflammation, irritation and are often aesthetically displeasing. Bunions can only be removed and relieved with surgical bunion correction. Surgical removal of a bunion is called a “bunionectomy”. A bunion is essentially a foot deformity of the great toe joint where the 1st toe drifts towards the lesser toes. Usually, a prominent “bump” forms on the inside of the foot as a consequence of the joint becoming more prominent. This bump tends to be referred to as a “bunion”.

Bunion removal surgeries fall into two major categories (though we perform all 44 types of bunion surgery and customize each bunionectomy to your unique case):

  1. Head procedures: In a head procedure bunionectomy, the bunion surgeon makes an incision behind the joint and then re-positions the bone into it’s proper position. The doctor then adheres the bone in place with a screw or pin. This bunion surgery is most frequently elected by patients who cannot be immobilized for long periods of time.
  2. Base procedures: With this bunionectomy surgery the surgeon manipulates the bone near (or behind) the big toe joint. There are many variations of this procedure and the actual surgical procedure performed will be unique to your specific condition. The essential difference with this type bunion surgery as compared to the “head procedure” is that the  ligaments inside and outside the toe may also be treated at the same time.

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